Zircotec Primary Range Thermal Ceramic Coating

Primary Range Coatings

Zircotec Primary Range Coating - manifold
Zircotec Primary Range - performance chart
The Primary Range is a lower cost derivative of Zircotec's ThermoHold® based ceramic coatings.

In developing the Primary Range we have retained our core ThermoHold formulation, though we have worked to balance overall thermal performance with affordability, whilst still retaining all of the quality and durability for which Zircotec's coatings are renowned. Initially available with a black finish, we plan to offer other colour options in the near future.

The coating aims to meet the needs of road car and bike users who want to benefit from the durability and performance of Zircotec's plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings, but who might have concerns over the possible costs.

Our standard pricing for the Primary Range coatings is 30% less than for our Performance Range coatings, putting our Primary Range coatings firmly within the budget of those who might otherwise choose paint or wrap.

Although this is our "entry level" coating, it still offers a potential 25% reduction in manifold or exhaust system surface temperatures.

This level of performance is significantly better than that offered by ceramic paint type products, which might typically offer just a nine percent reduction in surface temperature. (by comparison, our Performance Range offers a potential 33% reduction in surface temperatures).

The Zircotec coating remains highly durable, and can be specified for applications up to 900°C (1,650o F), making it ideal for exhaust and turbo systems on mid performance and classic cars where paint products and exhaust wrap often have only a very limited life.

The new coating is expected to be very popular for the classic and mid performance car markets. It will also prove to be popular with bikes.

Higher performance vehicles such as the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo as well as motorsport customers are likely to be better suited to our Performance RangeTM products.

The Primary Range coating has passed Zircotec's full product validation regime. We are therefore happy to offer a full one year warranty for road applications.



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