Zircotec Performance White Ceramic Coating

Performance White TM

zircotec performance white coating - manifold
zircotec performance white performance chart
Our Performance White coating delivers the ultimate in thermal barrier performance. It has quickly become the mainstay of Zircotec's offering to motorsport, and is now used in a broad range of other automotive applications. Performance White coating is not a paint, it is one of Zircotec's proprietary plasma-sprayed thermal barrier technologies.

To get a price for your system in Performance White, or to discuss your specific requirements with one of our technical experts please contact us.

Technical Description

Based on our core ThermoHold® formulation, this coating is the result of Zircotec's ongoing investment in product development.

Independent testing has shown this coating to be capable of reducing exhaust system surface temperatures by ~33%. Furthermore, actual surface temperature reductions of 173oC (343oF) were measured in direct contact with the surface of the exhaust system.

The coating performance chart shown is based on a typical uncoated manifold temperature of 600oC (1112oF).

It has been shown that our Performance WhiteTM coating results in much lower operating temperatures for components near the exhaust system. Heat loss from the exhaust system is much reduced, leading to far lower temperatures more generally within the engine compartment. It also reduces heat-soak.

Underbonnet temperature reductions of up to 50oC have been reported in some applications.

Our Performance White coating is highly durable. It is designed to operate at the most extreme of exhaust system temperatures, i.e. at temperatures up to and including the melting point of the component on which it is sprayed.

The coating has passed Zircotec's full product validation regime. Our R&D team are therefore happy to specify the Performance White coating for applications up to 1,400oC (2,550oF), and customers can be assured that they are unlikely to be able to operate this coating beyond its capabilities! This product is covered by Zircotec's standard 3 year Product Guarantee.

In its natural form our Performance White coating is a matt white/cream colour with a slightly rough textured surface finish. The coating may discolour slightly, and can become stained with use, though this does not change its thermal performance. In addition to Performance White there are 13 coloured derivatives available (see our Performance Colours).

The performance offered by our Performance Whitecoating is significantly better than that offered by ceramic paint type products, which might typically offer just a nine percent reduction in surface temperature (see the above coating performance chart).



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