Zircotec Ceramic Exhaust System Thermal Coatings

Zircotec Exhaust System Thermal Coatings

Zircotec exhaust system thermal coatingsZircotec have developed a range of ultra high performance thermal barrier coatings that are specifically designed to prevent unwanted heat loss from engine exhaust system components; exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, turbocharger casings, exhaust system down pipes, hot engine components, tailpipes and any areas where heat is a problem.  

All of our coatings utilise Zircotec's proprietary Thermohold® technology and are applied using our own in-house highly optimised plasma-spray process, first developed in the UK nuclear power industry. Formulated from selected ceramic materials, Zircotec's thermal barrier coatings contain >99% by weight of pure ceramic. Our coatings are applied to a typical thickness of just over 300µm (.012"), which is more than ten times the normal thickness of a paint, and our coatings do not contain the binders and fillers that are necessarily present in paints. Our coatings are therefore unique and can only be offered by Zircotec.

The Plasma Spray Process 

With plasma-spray process temperatures approaching 10,000oC (18,000oF) the ceramic coating material is melted within our process and propelled towards the component being coated. There, the molten ceramic droplets flatten, cool and then solidify to weld themselves in place. Our exhaust coatings are therefore extremely well adhered to the underlying component, providing an extremely hard, lightweight yet durable ceramic coating that is highly resistant to vibration, mechanical damage and thermal shock, and protects the underlying component from corrosion. New coatings are put through rigorous product testing before being included in our range.  

Our coatings can be applied equally well to new & used systems, and to most metals & metal alloys, including:  

  • All types of steel (inc. stainless steel)
  • Cast iron
  • Titanium
  • Nickel & chrome
  • Inconel (and high-temperature nickel alloys)
  • Aluminium
  • Copper & brass


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