Zircotec Diamond Black - ceramic thermal coating

Diamond Black TM

Diamond Black ceramic coating
Zircotec ceramic coating - Diamond Black
The Diamond Black range of ceramic coatings is designed to offer our customers an attractive yet extremely tough and durable finish that is exceptionally hard wearing and highly resistant to stone chipping and other forms of mechanical damage.

These thermal barrier coatings are designed specifically to suit exposed areas of an exhaust system where aesthetics are important, and where physical damage might be a problem.  

In developing these coatings we have aimed to maintain a high level of thermal barrier performance, though we have necessarily sacrificed some of the extremes of performance offered by our Performance RangeTM .These coatings are particularly applicable to exhaust system side pipes and tail pipes, and also to motorcycle exhausts. We do not recommend this coating if uncoated exhaust surface temperatures are likely to exceed ~400oC (~750oF).  

Our standard colour is black, though in some lighting conditions the coating may appear to have a very slight blue/grey appearance. To get a price for your system, or to discuss your requirements further please contact us.        

We have the option to customise this coating to produce other variants within the range. For example, we are able to achieve various shades of dark grey through to a dark blue/grey (with further variants possible in terms of surface finish and texture). We do not currently supply these coatings as standard product, however we are happy to work with our business customers to meet specific performance or design requirement.

 Zircotec Diamond Black



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