Zircotec Carbon Composite Ceramic and Metal Coatings

Zircotec Carbon Composite Coating

Zircotec carbon fibre coating
ceramic coating carbon composits
In a typical application Zircotec carbon composite
 coating gave a reduced composite surface temperature
of more than 125°C allowing the component to function
above its normal safe operating temperature.
Zircotec has further refined its process to allow ceramic to be plasma-sprayed onto the surface of carbon composite, glass-fibre composite and a range of plastic materials. This coating provides protection against excess temperature, allowing these materials to be operated in environments where they might not otherwise be suitable.

The process is now also used to deposit metal coatings onto the surface of these materials to;

  • Enhance aesthetics by providing either a complete metal finish or a just an area, eg. to provide a permanent metal logo.
  • Provide a reflective coating that can help protect the underlying component from radiant heat.
  • Provide protection against corrosion, erosion and wear. Again, it is possible for Zircotec to spray hard-metal surfaces such as tungsten or molybdenum.

Zircotec's ceramic thermal barrier technology allows high strength, lightweight materials to be used in high temperature environments for which they have previously been unsuitable. The carbon composite coating is a proprietary process for which a patent application has been filed. The coatings and processes are unique and can therefore only be offered by Zircotec.

Multi layered coating giving:

  • Protection from localised hot spots
  • Highly effective thermal barrier for differing forms of heat transfer
  • Engineered design for specific customer requirements
  • Minimal weight impact

The process is so effective it allows composites to function at temperatures above their melting point, testing for a typical application gave a reduction in composite surface temperature of more than 125°C. The new process, for which a patent application has been filed, offers the opportunity to "engineer" the coating to suit specific customer requirements, adjusting the coating properties both through thickness and across the surface of a component to cope with "hot spots" and differing forms of heat transfer such as radiant, conductive or convective heating. This new coating allows significant thermal protection with only minimal weight gain.

Optimum Results

To ensure optimum results the Zircotec technical team prefers to work alongside the customer to specify the coating arrangement that is most appropriate for the application. Drawing from a range of coating parameters Zircotec is confident to offer a solution to any thermal issue. Zircotec also has the ability to build in a conductive sub-layer that will help to dissipate heat away from any hot spots, and can also help deal with transient heating situations. This means we apply just the right amount of coating to deliver the necessary protection whilst minimising the weight impact of the coating.

Autosport Applications

Examples of these coatings are used by a number of Formula 1 teams for race applications preventing delamination and structural failure.

Still based on Zircotec's proprietary ThermoHoldTM technology, the coatings are designed to be robust and highly resistant to vibration and mechanical damage.

Ceramic Coating Applications:

  • Body panels
  • Brake parts
  • Chassis
  • Diffusers
  • Exhaust ducts
  • Suspension components
  • Heatshields
  • Air boxes


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