ZircoFlex - Flexible Ceramic Heat Shield

ZircoFlex™ - Flexible Ceramic Heat Shield

Zircotec’s flexible ceramic heat shield material offers superb thermal barrier
performance at minimal weight and minimal thickness.

Supplied as thin aluminium backed foil, ZircoFlex is lightweight at only 460g/m2 and only 0.25mm thick. ZircoFlex foil is however robust and easy
to handle. It can be cut and installed by hand or machine, and is easily fixed in place using mechanical fasteners or high temperature adhesives, allowing it to be integrated directly into conventional production or maintenance operations. ZircoFlex, which is the culmination of more than five years’ intensive research and materials science, uses a new technology in which the ceramic material is sprayed in the form of thousands of individual ‘platelets’ on the surface of the foil.

 ZircoFlex is available in a number of formats

  • ZircoFlex I  - this is ZircoFlex in its single thickness format (as outlined above); ZI also comes with a self-adhesive option.
  • ZircoFlex II - an engineered double thickness format offering additional thermal barrier performance and a little more rigidity; still thin (~0.5mm) and lightweight (~1 kg/m2). 
  • ZircoFlex III - an engineered triple thickness format offering yet more thermal performance. This is a relatively rigid material that can be used to construct small self-supporting structures, though it is still easily cut and bent to shape and is still relatively thin (~0.85mm) and lightweight (~1.5 kg/m2).   

Simple to fit

While they are close-packed to provide comprehensive heat protection, this structure allows the foil to be bent and
manipulated to suit different geometries, and it can even be folded tightly through 180o without damaging the thermal

Suitable for many applications

ZircoFlex foil may be used in a range of industries where the foil can be used
to protect sensitive components from heat as a rapid solution to thermal protection problems.

Proven to perform - Up to 85% temperature reduction

The ZircoFlex material offers superb thermal barrier performance. In our performance chart we compare a leading
commercial double walled heatshield material (5.25mm thick and 1.46 kg/m2) with just one layer of ZircoFlex foil
(0.25mm thick and 0.46 kg/m2) plus double and triple layered ZircoFlex.  In all cases we put the heat-shield in direct contact with the heat source (the worst case scenario) and measure the temperature on the outer "cold" surface of each heatshield.

Measurements show that another commercial heat shield material is only able to achieve a temperature reduction of
35% in this arrangement, whilst the much thinner and lighter ZircoFlex foil reduces temperatures by up to 85%.
As a result, ZircoFlex foil has already been supplied to F1 and also to leading automotive manufacturers.

ZircoFlex - temperature reduction



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