Motorcycle Exhaust Coatings

motor cycle exhaust coatings

Zircotec is a great exhaust coating solution for Road, Motorsport, Customised and Classic motorcycles where unmatched performance and good looks are required. Benefits include:-

  • A robust fit-and-forget coating protecting components against corrosion, stone chips, etc.
  • A coating that looks fantastic providing an incredibly smart and professional appearance, in many cases matching a specific custom finish requirement.
  • Much lower exhaust temperatures - exhaust surface temperatures reduce by ~33%.
  • Reduced heat loss from the manifold resulting in lower temperatures inside fairings, etc.
  • Reduced heat soak through boots, seats, etc. so riders are potentially cooler, more comfortable, and more able to concentrate.
  • Improved engine performance and reliability. Keeping the heat inside the exhaust gas allows the gases to flow more easily increasing cylinder scavenging to create a supercharging effect - something that is especially noticable with two-stroke engines.
  • Protection for vulnerable components located close to the exhaust; avoiding heat damage, increasing component life, and allowing closer packaging of equipment near the exhaust.
  • Rapid cooling of the exhaust - the surface temperature of the coating drops quickly when the engine is turned off.

Endurance Range - developed specifically for road bikes

Zircotec is proud to announce its new Endurance RangeTM coatings, specifically designed to provide a durable surface finish for motorbike exhaust systems. Derived from the popular Performance RangeTM, our new coatings are applied using a proprietary plasma-sprayed process to deliver an extremely well adhered and hard wearing finish, which significantly outlasts aftermarket paints.  

Smoother to the touch than the standard range, and therefore easier to keep clean, the new motorbike coating is aesthetically pleasing yet also contains an element of thermal protection to reduce heat soak and thermal damage.  

The entire Endurance RangeTM has passed Zircotec's rigorous laboratory test programme, including lifetime testing up to a simulated 100,000 miles use. We have made use of data from our work with a Moto2 race team and have tested the coatings on a number of high mileage road bikes, which included 600 miles of winter riding in Wales followed by a 2,600 mile round trip to Italy, exposing the coating to salt spray, ice, storms and torrential rain. While these bikes frequently returned caked in mud, a power wash quickly returned our exhaust coatings back to their original condition, demonstrating that our Endurance RangeTM is resilient yet simple to clean, even in extreme conditions, helping to preserve overall visual appearance and custom flair.   

The net result of our development work is a range of coatings that present motorbike enthusiasts with a new form of low-maintenance customisation that looks fantastic, is highly resistant to stone chips and  easy to maintain. The coating offers a route by which old exhausts can be given new life, though the coating is equally applicable to new systems, helping to reduce surface temperatures, insulate against heat, and potentially improve performance and reliability. In all cases Zircotec offers a 3 year guarantee.  

The Endurance RangeTM is currently available in three different finishes:  

Endurance GraphiteTM (an attractive matt grey finish). This coating is ideal for a wide range of road bike applications. Combining modern day looks with a slightly classic appearance, this coating looks fantastric on most road bike applications.

Endurance Metallic BlackTM (incorporates an attractive metallic look). This coating is our preferred choice for a more modern look. It's metallic finish looks superb on most modern road bike applications.   

Endurance BlackTM (a solid matt black finish). Although less forgiving of dirt and finger marks than the other two coatings in the range, this is a classic matt black finish that looks absolutely fantastic on the right bike.



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